01 December 2009

2nd annual Bike Junkies gift guide

Last year, I gave you gift ideas for your favorite cyclist that were things every cyclist needs, but may not think about buying - a more practical, utilitarian list. This year, the gift ideas are not for the bike. Don't get me wrong, they are all bicycle-related, but they are for the times when your loved one is not on the bike. So, without further ado, here is the 2nd annual Confessions of a Bike Junkie Holiday Gift Guide!

Race across the sky DVD
This is kid of a bad one to start out with, as this may not exist on DVD by Christmas. All I can say is that they need to release it on DVD now! I loved this movie, and your favorite cyclist will also, even if they saw it in the theater. Go to http://www.raceacrossthesky.com/ for more information.

Cobbles Baby!, The Tour Baby! and Tour Baby Deux!
For a "behind-the-scenes" documentary of a couple of the most well known races in the world, the Tour de France, and Paris-Rubaix, you can't do much better than Scott Coady's films. They are several years old, but that doesn't diminish the fun. Armed with little more than a camera and a passport, Scott managed to get almost unlimited access to the inner workings of these two races, he manages to get interviews with some of the top pro's and other big names. Great fun! Go to http://www.bigringfilms.com/ for more information.

Twin Six t-shirts
Your favorite cyclist will need something to wear when he isn't on his bike, why not get him a shirt that still reflects his love for all things bicycle. It wouldn't hurt if the shirts are cool looking as well. Twin Six has several designs available so finding the right one for your cyclist shouldn't be hard. Another plus, Twin Six are the guys that are responsible for all of the Fat Cyclist gear, and they have donated sigificant ammount to the Lance Armstrong Foundation in the past. Good karma and good shirts. In case anyone is wondering, I take a large. Go to http://www.twinsix.com/ to start your collection of cool t-shirts.

Vicious Cycles Cataloguendar
What do you get when you combine a catalog, and a calendar? Why a cataloguendar of course! Vicious Cycles, a small bicycle manufacturer out of New Paltz, NY produces a calendar each year to showcase their line of bicycles. They also have a custom paint shop, so some of the models are sporting some unique paint schemes. The best thing about this gift? It's free! go to http://www.viciouscycles.com/ to order one for your cyclist. (note, the 2010 cataloguendar is not up on the site yet, check back soon.)

Bicycle jewelry

I have three items that fall under this category. No, you aren't going to find any bracelets made from bicycle chains (although, there are a couple of recycled item in this list. That's okay, it just means that Mother Nature will send a little extra love your way).

First is a bicycle pendant necklace from Tarma designs. The pendant is 316L recycled stainless steel (min 60% post consumer content). The 3mm RePly cord comes from recycled PET bottles. It's a simple design, that your cyclist will enjoy wearing. (They also have a mountain bike, if your cyclist likes it dirty). Go to http://www.tarmadesigns.com/ to see more.

Another necklace is from Peak Inspiration. Has your cyclist or triathlete reached a special milestone? That first century, or just completed in their first duathlon or triathlon? Commemerate the event with a Mile Stone. Mile Stones are hand-crafted pendants with pictographs on one side depicting your favorite sport, and the back side can have either a heart, or a reminder of the goal they achieved. go to http://shop.peakinspiration.com/category.sc?categoryId=9 to choose.

Really, who needs another belt? Your cyclist may not need another belt, but when the belt is made from a recycled bicycle tire, it's possible that this could become their favorite belt. There are several places on the internet that sell bicycle tire belts, and there are even instructions on how to make your own. One place to look is http://www.velo-re.com/

Vintage cycling posters

Get your cyclist a piece of cycling history that they can hang on their wall. You can find vintage cycling posters from several different countries advertising from a bicycle line, a famous race, or even a bottle of wine. My favorite are the Italian posters from the 30's and 40's. For a good selection of posters in many different sizes, check the poster selection at http://www.bicyclegifts.com/

Bicycle pasta
If there's one thing that cyclists know how to do, it's eat. I mean, you need to put fuel in the tank if you want to go. Next time your favorite cyclist sits down for a carbo-loading session before their big race, why not serve them a bowl full of something that will remind them of what they are packing away the carbs for, pasta in the shape of little bicycles. Go to http://www.flowerpedal.com/bikepasta.html to start cooking!

As we all know, cyclists are a very picky bunch, everything has to be just exactly so. Instead of worrying if you got them the exactly right thing, just give money. To still let them know you are aware of their cycling compulsion, put the money in a card from Skeese Greets. Skeese Greets makes cards for every holiday and occasion with designs made from bike chains and gears. Your cyclist will love the card, and will certainly use the money to purchase something cycling-related.
Happy Holidays!


Kelly Hill said...

bike pasta? really??!?

Bike Junkie said...

yes, it goes great with a nice marinara.

Courtney said...

Great bike gift guide! I love the pasta. Please consider adding fine art cycling photography (with a great cause) to your gift recommendations. Check out www.therideproject.com or I would be happy to email you images for consideration.


Mistie said...

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