08 January 2010

Facebook has gone too far!

If you are a cyclist, no doubt you have heard about this. If not, please let me take a few moments of your time to explain. There is a page on Facebook titled "There's a perfectly good path next to the road, you stupid cyclist" that is nothing but blatant and open hatred and hostility towards cyclists. The page even shows pictures of cyclists being struck by cars!

I'm not saying that all cyclists are saints, but celebrating and encouraging somone in a 2 ton metal box to act against somone with absolutely no protection - except for an inch of foam on their head is absolutely deplorable. I believe that it is morally reprehensible that Facebook has allowed this page to survive.

Please help. Go to this Facebook page and add your voice to the growing group of people who think that Facebook has gone too far allowing this page of hate to exist. Also, you can go to the bottom of the offending page, and report it to the Facebook powers that be. Please do both!

Even if you are not a cyclist, please help. The reality of this, is that this page could be responsible for someone getting hurt or even killed. Please pass this along!

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