13 January 2010

Worlds most expensive bicycle?!

Here's the scenario:

You have money. Lots of money. You are so loaded, you make Scrooge McDuck look poor. You want a bicycle that adequately expresses to everyone that you have money, but what bicycle to get?

Why you order an Aurumania Crystal Edition gold bike, of course. At 80,000 euros ($116,127.16) this bike will surely show that you are a person of discerning taste, even when it comes to your bicycles. From its 24k gold plated - well - everything, to it's hand sewn chocolate brown leather grips, to it's Swarovski crystal-encrusted lugs and Aurumania logo on the top tube (in braile, mind you!), this bike screams - no - a bike of this refinement doesn't scream, ooze, or anything else so pedestrian. This bike simply IS.

Of course, the bike is shipped to you free (only poor people pay shipping) anywhere in the world using Aurumania's "White Glove" service - which I can only hope means it will be delivered by men actually wearing white gloves.

Of course, you are going to need somewhere to store your bicycle when you aren't riding it, for that purpose, you can purchase a bicycle rack for a paltry 5000 euros ($7269.50).

Then you wake up from your dream.

Seriously. Who needs a gold plated bicycle? I can't imagine that anyone who has the kind of money lying around necessary to purchase a bicycle like this is someone who; for one rides, and for another would take this bike off the wall where it's hangin (not a typo, check the website, that's how they describe it) and ride it down the street.

I consider bicycles art. There are some truly beautiful bikes out there. This bike, however, is not one of those bikes. Bikes are meant to be ridden, this bike is meant to be displayed. And if you ever did dare to ride this bike out in public, what to do if you decide to stop anywhere? There isn't a lock out there secure enough - plus you wouldn't want to scratch it! For this price, the bike should come with a security detail that follows you around in a car, and will stand there holding the bike while you are in Starbucks enjoying your latte.

If you want more information, or if you don't believe that this is for real, go to http://www.aurumania.com/

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Mom said...

Boy !! This is SOME status symbol.