04 February 2010


I love Legos. So, imagine how cool it was when I found this on the interweb. (I don't remember which blog I saw this on, unfortunately)

For those of you who don't know, this custom painted figure is from the movie "Breaking Away"

Additional searching came across this set from the Lego "City" collection. A city corner with a pizzaria and a bike shop. Too cool!
This bike shop must be in the bad part of Lego city. Note the survelance camera on the roof.
A bike shop, and public transportation. very progressive!
This set is currently available. Go and get it for your kids (or yourself).

Then I found this. I wish this was still available. These sets were from a promotion released in 2000 to commemerate the Tour de France. I don't know if they were only available in Europe, or everywhere. Time to check ebay!

Again, for those of you who don't know. team Telekom was a pro cycling team from Germany. They later became T-mobile, and are now known as HTC-Columbia.

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