05 March 2010

Food Friday - City Dogs

Today's Food Friday isn't like the previous two Food Friday posts. They were about homemade alternatives to popular items we cyclists take with us when we are riding. Today is about comfort food.

Since going vegetarian about 5 years ago, there are certain foods and experiences that I thought were permanently gone. One was getting a brat with sauerkraut from a street vendor. Then last spring, a new street cart opened for business on a corner - of all places - just down the street from my office. What set this cart apart from all of the others in downtown SLC is that this one served vegetarian and vegan fare!

City Dogs opened their doors - so to speak - last spring. Owned and operated by Dee and Tasha. With their location near to several office buildings (including mine!) and the City courthouse, they quickly devloped a following among vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

During the warm summer months, it was not unusual to see a line of people at the cart, and several people sititng on the wall and grass behind the cart enjoying their lunch al fresco.

The cart was sold to new owners Miah and Alicia last September. Fortunately for those of us who are regulars, nothing was changed. The cart still sits on the corner of 300 S and 200 E every weekday - except when the weather is too bad and is open from 11-4.

As I mentioned before, the fare is all vegetarian. They serve hot dogs, brats, chili dogs, tacos and a bbq rib sandwich. They do have a couple of specialty dogs, the Dee dog: which has cream cheese, avacado, and jalapenos, and the City dog, which has tomatoes and a pickled asparagus spear on it.

My favorite is the brat smothered with sauerkraut, jalapenos and onions! Most days, Miah has a special where you can get a dog, chips and a drink for around $5. You can follow City Dogs on Twitter www.twitter.com/saltcitydogs to find out what the special of the day is.


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Rob said...

That sounds great, I too miss brats and hotdogs... and the soy versions just dont cook on a fire as well when camping.

I really wish there was something like this close to where I am.