01 April 2010

Plan C

After some consideration, and input from various sources, I still am not sure what I would like to do about adding a fixed-gear bike to my stable. I do have a clearer idea on which direction I would like to go, however.

One of my friends commented on my post about wanting a fixie...
Now that fixies are no longer hip, I think it's completely reasonable :-)
Don't get the Walmart one -- cheap fixies are painful to ride, about like riding a Walmart mountain bike.
I'm not too sure the SE Draft on sale @ Jenson is much better. It'll get your around, but hi ten frame & junk parts = not fun to ride.
Bikes Direct has Cromoly fixed bikes starting at under $300.

Plan B: convert an 80s Cromoly road bike to fixed isn't difficult. Remove shifters and derailleurs, replace the rear wheel, maybe cold set the rear triangle and you're done.
I have to say that I was hesitant about the Mongoose Cachet from WalMart because there isn't enough information about it, and the "one size fits all" mentality doesn't work all that great when you are 6'2". Plus, let's be serious.  It's a bike, from WalMart.

The SE Draft from JensonUSA, was - at first - looking better, but it tips the scales at 26 lbs. Richard's comments about the frame and components do make sense. Heavy bike = unhappy riding.

Which brings me to his Plan B: which - when I told my wife I wanted to do this - was my original idea. I should be able to find an old road bike in the classifieds, or on Craigslist for not too much, then it isn't that much more work to convert it to a fixie. 

Or...  there is plan C.

Plan C would be finding a frame/fork on eBay, Craigslist, etc... and building it up from that point.  I have a small parts bin in my shop area that has a good majority of the parts that I would need to build a bike from the frame up; handlebars, brakes and brake levers, quill stem, pedals.  I would need to buy a set of wheels I found a set of wheels on Craigslist - even if I went with plan B, I still would be looking at least a rear wheel - and a crank.  Aside from that I should be set.

So, it's between Plans B and C...

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