28 February 2011

Product Review: Anti Monkey Butt Powder

I am a fan of chamois cream - or another way to look at it is that I am a big fan of not chaffing. For any ride lasting longer than an hour, I make sure that I "lube up" to avoid any problems after the ride.

I was given a couple of sample packets of Anti Monkey Butt powder at the Outdoor Retailer Show, and decided that my 3+ hour trainer ride at the Diabetes Expo this last Saturday would be the perfect opportunity to give it a test.

One thing you might guess from the name, Anti Monkey Butt powder is a powder, not a cream. So to avoid any over spray, or white fingerprints on the outside of my shorts, I was a little more careful with the application. Even with my carefulness, I still had some white powder on the outside of the shorts.

Now, I said that I was a fan of chamois cream. One thing that I am not a fan of, however, is that initial "eew" factor of having a viscous cream slathered all over your nether-regions. AMB powder definitely wins in this category.

On to the important part of the review, how did it work?  Well, after almost 4 hours of riding, it was remarkably dry down there, and there were no signs of chafing or other problems.

So, even though I'm not a fan of the application process, I have to say that the stuff works great. You can find more information on it, including where to buy, at their website http://www.antimonkeybutt.com/.

Anti Monkey Butt powder gets a "thumbs up" for effectiveness, and a "meh" for application.

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