14 March 2011

Android Bicycle Apps: Bike Shop Locator

When it comes to cycling apps, the iPhone has the lion’s share.

There are, however, a few apps of note for the Android system. One is the Bike Shop Locator.

It’s a simple app, letting you find the nearest bike shop, based either on your phone location, or by entering an address or zip code.

After you select a shop, it is shown on a google map and you are given the options to either call the shop, or get directions by google maps to the shop from your location (USA only).

Unfortunately, that’s all it does. It would be nice if it had links to the shop’s websites, and had an editable database so you could add notes to the listings for other users.

Doing a search for my area, it lists shops that I know are closed or have moved locations, and there is no way to either note or remove those shops from the list.

For the price (free) it can’t be beat. If you are in a new or unfamiliar area, I can see it being useful to find a nearby shop, but definitely call first to make sure that the shop listed still exists.

You can download it from the Android Market.

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