31 March 2011

Packing for a little vacation-time.

Sometimes, being a cyclist – more specifically a roadie - means that packing for a trip is an adventure in itself.

The missus and I are going to St. George this weekend for a little “sans-kidlets” time.

4 days in a hotel. No big plans should mean easy packing – a few t-shirts, pair of pants, shorts, swimsuit etc… right?

At this point I should mention that I’m taking the bike.

All of a sudden what would fit into a single small bag now ballooned into 3 bags – not including the bicycle.

Along with the afore mentioned “normal” clothes, I’ll have to pack at least 2 each of bib shorts, jerseys, socks.(more if I don’t plan on washing them out in the sink after each ride). Also my jacket, arm warmers, knee warmers, (early morning rides may still be a little cold – better safe than sorry), helmet, shoes and gloves.

I’ll also need my pump and toolbox (just in case there’s a mechanical), water bottles, and on-bike fuel.

Don’t forget the running shoes and shorts, I plan on getting in a few runs as well.

Let’s hope I haven’t forgotten anything...

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