30 March 2011

Zirbel is back!

On his blog yesterday, Tom Zirbel announced that he has been cleared to race 6 months early by the USADA:
"Um well...so I guess I have some good news. Turns out I can race this year due to a string of random events that played out starting last October. Remember when I lamented on this blog a few months back about Di Luca because he got a reduction in sanction for providing details of his doping practices? And then I said something to the effect of "if only I had actually doped or had knowledge of dopers, I too could get a reduction". Well, at some point after that rant I met with a person who had incriminating knowledge of a suspected doper and I eventually helped convince that person to approach USADA with that information. USADA found that information so useful that they decided to reduce my sanction because of it." Read the remainder of his post here.
Great news for Tom! A little back story, Tom was handed a 2 year ban, effective November 17, 2009 due to testing positive for exogenous DHEA. Tom maintains his innocence, and accepted his sanction due to not being able to afford to fight it.

He is currently without a team, but hopefully that will be quickly remedied and he will be back racing.

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