06 April 2011

Enjoying the Ride

We got back from our long weekend trip last night. I didn't make it out for a ride before we left St. George , but figured that I would take care of my ride to keep my 30 Days of Biking streak intact after we got home.

What I didn't take into account was how tired I would be after all of that travelling. My wonderful wife kept on telling me that I needed to get out before it got dark and the weather turned nasty, and that I didn't want to miss a day. She was pushing me to go out and ride?! Gotta love her!

I honestly have to say that I wasn't looking forward to a ride - blasphemy! - until my 8-year-old piped up that he wanted to go with me. Suddenly what I was expecting to be a ride of drudgery turned into a great father and son bonding experience. I let him set the pace, and direction, and we went off for an enjoyable ride. We talked about this and that; the goats and other animals that we normally see, school, running, etc... Both of us had a great ride.

It made me realize that as much as I enjoy going fast, and as much as I appreciate the feeling of completing a century, the rides I enjoy the most are the ones I take with my family.

It's memories like this that are important.

I'm glad I went riding last night.
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