04 April 2011

Gotta Get 'em All!

In my many, many years on this planet, I have gone through several "collecting" phases, such as baseball cards and Star Wars figures. 

Some of my collections have been based on trips that I have taken with the family. For quite a while, I would buy a shot glass from wherever we went. This one was unusual for a couple of reasons: One, I was a kid, and Two, I don't, nor never will drink.  I also have collected a film canister of sand when we visit the ocean. Unfortunately, we don't go to places with easy ocean access all that often - and with the mainstream acceptance and use of digital cameras - film canisters have gone the way of the 8-track (ask your mom or dad if you don't know what an 8-track is).

Today I had the urge to start a new travel-based collection, although it would be more accurate to say that the seed was planted last year.

A little bit of back story - the wife and I like to go on a "get away from the kids" mini-vacation every year that just happens to coincide with our anniversary. Just to make it fun and interesting, we'll usually try to go somewhere different than we've been before. Last year, we went to Jackson, Wyoming. Why? Because we've never been there.  I decided that I had to go check out the local bike shop - Fitzgerald's Bicycles, just for fun (cool shop, btw). They had a very cool shop t-shirt that I wanted to buy, but for some reason, I didn't do it right then. Later on, I decided that we'd stop by on our way out of town the next day, but as my dumb luck would have it,  they were closed.

Flash forward to Saturday, one of the gifts that my wife got me for my birthday was a t-shirt from my favorite local bike shop. They are actually right across the street from my office, but she called, and had them ship it to our home so I wouldn't know about it.  Gotta love that woman!

Today, we're down in St. George for our annual trip. I decided that I had to go check out one of the local bike shops, just because.  They had a very cool shop t-shirt...

I think you can figure out where this is heading...

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