09 May 2011

Android Cycling Apps: EuroSport.com

**Before I get into this post. I want to add my condolences and prayers to the friends, family and teammates of Wouter Weylandt, who suffered a horrific crash during a high-speed decent in today's stage, and passed away due to injuries sustained. RIP Wouter. Story here.

It’s May. That means that in Europe, the Giro d’Italia is running.

Due to me not living in Europe, not having Versus in my satellite programming package, and working for a company that frowns upon “unauthorized non-work related Internet usage” I don’t get a chance to watch the Giro live.

But, thankfully, I can keep up with the Giro, and other Pro Tour races on my phone thanks to the EuroSport.com app for my Android phone.

I can track current news stories, follow the live commentary of races currently running or recently finished, and check the standings.

no screen shots for cycling, unfortunately

It’s not perfect. For example, it won’t tell me what races or stages are coming up, and I have to keep on hitting the refresh button in the live feed – It would be nice if it auto-updated every time a new entry is posted. Aside from that, no complaints.

You can also keep up on other sports, if you must.

For a free app, it's worth it.

You can download it from the Android Market.

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