12 May 2011

T-Shirt of the Day

This is an important shirt. Rather than me summarizing, here is the text directly from the site:
"Like you, we were deeply moved and saddened by the tragic and untimely passing of Wouter Weylandt, #108. So we offer this memorial tee as a way for all of us to remember the important things: family, friends, the thrill of two wheels. This is not about us, it's not about you. It's a benefit for the family and unborn child that Wouter left behind. All profits from this remembrance will go directly to the fund that Leopard-Trek has established for them. Thank you for joining us on this group ride..."
You can pre-order the shirt from Stomach of Anger until the end of the Giro d'Italia (Sunday, May 29th). At that time, one run of the shirts will be produced and shipped out via priority mail. 100% of the profits (about $12-15 per shirt) will go directly to the fund for Wouter Weylandt's family set up by Leopard-Trek.

I hope they have the largest run of shirts that they have ever produced.
As of May 17th, Stomach of Anger has sold 1900 of the 108 tribute shirts; over $22,000 raised for Wouter Weylandt's family! Wow!

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