10 June 2011

Bike Naked?

Tomorrow, I will be riding my bike. And, you can thank me later, I’ll be doing it fully clothed.

If that previous sentence confuses you, then obviously you are unaware that tomorrow is the World Naked Bike Ride (google it yourself, I am not putting up a link for it).

The big question I have is WHY? I think (again, I’m not going to do any “research” for this post) the reason people around the world are bearing all and taking to the streets on their bikes is to make a political statement protesting oil and gas usage (that’s what I heard), But that is not the why I’m wondering about. My “why” is, why would you subject yourself to the potential chafing, and other problems that could arise from riding without the proper clothing. Plus, it’s just plain nasty!

So, any pictures I post in reference to cycling tomorrow will be pictures of fully clothed cyclists. They will be wearing Lycra – nothing I can do about that.

You’re welcome.

1 comment:

Kelly Hill said...

I'm not waiting until later... I'm thanking you NOW!!!!!