24 June 2011

Food Friday: Post-Ride/Race Food?

We’re all familiar with the “pre-ride/race pasta dinner”. I think it has transcended any sort of “carbo-loading” benefit and is now firmly entrenched in the realm of ritual.

But what about post-ride/race? Is there anything that you simply crave once you have stopped turning the pedals?

Mine is Mexican food. More specifically, veggie fajitas.


After the Tour de Cure on the 11th, Greg, I and our wives were sitting around the lobby of the hotel, and I had a craving for Mexican food. We happened to find this really good (and I mean really, really good) Mexican place in Brigham City. It wasn’t even our first choice! The place we planned on going to closed 5 minutes before we got there, and we were told about this other place by someone coming out of the restaurant. He said that he actually had never been there, but “some people like it”. Well, “some people” were right!

So, what do you crave post-ride/race? Any traditions or rituals?

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