02 June 2011

Ignorance is Bliss?

I rode the Fuji this morning. I’m alternating between bikes so one doesn’t feel left out and unloved. I don’t want it to give me a flat (disgruntled bikes are the 6th leading cause of flats, you know)

I have everything set up approximately the same between both bikes, except for one fairly significant detail, no computer on the Fuji.

Riding the Fuji this morning, it felt faster than those mornings when I am riding the Specialized (aka, Pepto). I don’t know if it is actually faster, or if it is a trick of the mind.

Does not being tied to the numbers free me to enjoy the pure simplicity of riding a bike? Am I limited by my concern of where the numbers are?

I will eventually put a computer on the Fuji (I need a nickname for it, if anyone has any suggestions, leave them in the comments), which will tell me if it is faster, but I still won’t know if I was faster without it.

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