01 July 2011

Food Friday: A Week's Worth of Vegan "Street Food"

Every so often, I have to subject you to a post that absolutely nothing to do with cycling, running, triathlons, or the like. Just because.

Today’s post is one of those. It’s also geographically specific, so apologies to those not in Salt Lake City.

I’ve posted in the past about City Dogs, the vegan street cart around the corner from my office, and their great selection of vegetarian and vegan fare. Well, they are no longer alone. In fact, over the past year, several vegan or vegetarian options have surfaced in downtown Salt Lake City. So many, in fact, you can eat at a different location each workday. Best thing is that it will only set you back around $5 for lunch. So, let’s eat our way through the work week…


Might as well start off the week at City Dogs – who recently had their signature dog named one of the top 5 veggie dogs in the nation (yes, the nation) by PETA a City Dog will set you back $4, my favorite, the Beer Brat is $5, which includes all the fixins, such as sauerkraut, relish, onions.


Not officially “street food” The Pie Hole offers pizza by the slice, and are open late (after the bars close) every day. They have several pies available each day, and every Tuesday they have a vegan pie. Two slices will cost you $5.50


More pizza, this time from Este Pizza. Traditional New York style pizza. There are several vegan items on the menu, and they are clearly marked. Wednesday is the day that they offer a vegan pizza by-the-slice as an option. Another $5.50 for two slices. *Bonus, Este’s downtown location is located in Guthrie Bicycle’s old downtown store. Guthrie’s is Salt Lake’s oldest bicycle shop, and one of the oldest – if not the oldest bicycle shops in the nation. (there, this post is not entirely devoid of bicycles).


Let’s curry! The Curryer is a recent addition to the SLC street food scene. A converted hot-dog cart now serves up a couple of Indian food options and naan in a traditional clay tandoor oven (the naan is unfortunately not vegan I have been told by the owners that their naan is now vegan!). A small box (not that small!) is $4. At least one vegetarian curry is served daily, and most of their vegetarian curries are vegan. They are working on having a vegan option daily!


Welcome to the end of the week! The selection for today is the newest – in fact they opened on Wednesday this week – street food cart in SLC. I haven’t had a chance to eat here yet, but a friend did, and says that the food is to die for. Union Street Eats is a vegan Mexican food cart. I was surprised at the size of the menu, and everything sounds great! I need to go try it, soon. The prices range from $3 to $6.

photo by Amanda

There you go, a culinary tour of Salt Lake City’s vegan “street food” scene. Bon App├ętit!

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