08 July 2011

Geography Fail

I don’t know if I’m just lucky, or if the motorists in my area are used to cyclists on the road, but it is very rare for me to have someone yell something at me from their car as they pass.

Last night was the exception.

Greg and I are riding in the Bear Lake Monster Century on Saturday, and he wanted to get in some training miles before we head up to Montpelier, Idaho tonight. So, we went out last night for a quick 2 hour ride. As we were coming back down the hill, a teenage girl leaned out of the passenger window of a passing car and yelled at Greg and me “The Tour de France is that way”, as she pointed north.

Um, France is east of the United States. I hope you didn’t get a good grade in Geography.

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1 comment:

Kelly Hill said...

That's hilarious. And something I would have done, so be nice! I think she gets points for actually knowing that the Tour is currently going on.