14 July 2011

How *not* to Train for a Triathlon

Those who are regular visitors to this blog may remember me saying several months ago that I was racing in the Spudman Triathlon again this year. Well, that is still the case.

What also hasn’t changed since that announcement is my preparations for this year’s race. Back then, I hadn’t ran for several months due to a tear in my right ankle, and the only swimming I had done was taking my kids to the pool – this was in part to my work schedule changing, preventing me from going in to the gym early in the morning before work. I am not happy to report that I still haven’t swam any more than a couple of laps, and the only running I have done has been on a hotel treadmill.

Cycling is the only part of the triathlon that I have had any regular, continuing exposure to, with my multi-modal commuting to work, regular charity and group rides, and having a friend who wants to go riding at almost any and all opportunity.

So with a little more than 2 weeks to go, I finally renewed my membership to the local pool/gym, and will spend several evenings there relearning my form and working on my stroke. I will also be getting out on the trails around town and try to get some miles under the sneakers.

I don’t doubt my ability to finish an Olympic-distance triathlon such as the Spudman, but I do doubt my chances of improving on last year’s time – which wasn’t stellar by any means.

Definitely not the way to train for a triathlon.

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Kelly Hill said...

you renewed? this is news to me. good luck.