30 August 2011

2011 Tour de France Clean?

Yeah, yeah, yeah...

I know what I said yesterday.

But, this story seemed interesting enough to repost..

From VeloNews:
Authorities found no evidence of doping in the final samples taken at the 2011 Tour de France, the UCI announced Monday.

The cycling union said testing done at labs in Ch√Ętenay-Malabry, Lausanne and Cologne all showed negative results.

“This excellent news further highlights the quality of the various anti-doping measures brought in by the UCI in recent years, especially the introduction of the biological passport,” UCI president Pat McQuaid said. “It also indicates that there has been a change of mentality and behavior within the peloton. Our sport is on the right track and we will continue to use all means available to protect it.”
Katusha’s Alexander Kolobnev tested positive for a banned diuretic during the first week of the Tour de France and left the race. He has not yet been suspended.
2010 Tour de France winner Alberto Contador is still fighting a positive from that year’s Tour. His hearing before the Court for Arbitration of Sport is scheduled for November.
Could it be? have we finally had a clean Tour? Or, have the dopers perfected their skills of masking beyond the level of detection by the UCI?

Are we pragmatically skeptical, or blissfully optimistic?

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