26 August 2011

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market: Photos - part 2

The remainder of the pictures from Outdoor Retailer. Enjoy!

Lin Socks is moving into the compression market, with these sleves and socks due out to the public soon.

Evil Clown was the first pair of Lin socks that I purchased.

Clean Bottle. I managed to pick up one of their bottles at the Tour of Utah (literally "pick up" - discarded at the feed zone on Stage 3. I washed it before I used it!) Jury is still out on my thoughts about it. May need to do a "bottle shootout" post soon.

Some of the accessories offered by Timbuk2.

my favorite, a credit-card sized multitool and pouch/wallet.

Rasta colors are back!

The North Face showing off some of their cycling clothes.

I am a big fan of Yankz! speed laces. I have them on both pair of running shoes. I was especially excited to see that they are venturing into the "bento box" arena with their Bicycle Fuel System bags. A couple of cool features on their bags is that all of them are attached to the bike via a velcro strip for easy swapping of bags, and some of them are lined with some insulating material, so you can load up your bag, store it in the fridge or freezer, and pop it on the bike before the ride.

Mountain Biking in High School? Yes, please! NICA is working on having high-school mountain biking programs in place coast-to-coast by 2020. Several programs are in place, with more in the works.

Adult-sized big wheel? What else is there to say than, Hell Yeah!!

Cycling specific high heels from ??. I hate it when I don't remember where I took a picture.  

The story behind this: After I returned the cruiser bike I rented to go to lunch, I dropped a business card for this drawing. at about 4, I get a call saying that I won their Commuter Challenge, and that I could come out to the bike rental area to pick up my prize. What did I get? A polar bottle, bike computer, cable lock, and an Osprey  messenger bag!

I have always liked Tarma Design's necklaces. New is their Spirit line - based on watercolor paintings by artist Miguel Yanez. Both road and mountain bikes are represented.

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