10 August 2011

Tour of Utah: Stage 1 Results and Tour Tracker

Even though I had to make an appearance at the day job today, and couldn't be in Ogden for Stage 1 of the Tour of Utah, I didn't miss anything. Thanks to the Tour Tracker.

The Tour Tracker does a great job of putting all of the information you might need in one convenient place. Not only do you have live video of the race (at one point the cameraman must have fallen asleep, or they forgot to cut to another camera, because we had several minutes of watching the grass on the side of the road), but it also has a map and elevation profile showing where the riders are, a list of the riders in the breakaway, chase groups, and notable riders in the main peleton and updates. The only thing that I miss - and I am finding it hard to believe - is the almost incessant ramblings of Paul and Phil, or the unintellibile mumblings of Sean Kelly (for those of you who get your racing fix through Eurosport). There were times where there was no sound on the video.

Still, the good outweighs the bad. Go check it out.

On to today's stage results.

Jesse Anthony took the stage with an impressive sprint finish. This was the biggest stage win in Anthony's career. Henao keeps the yellow jersey for another day thanks to his involvement in the breakaway group.
  1. 131 ANTHONY Jesse KBS USA 4:39:29
  2. 152 HENAO Sergio GOB COL 4:39:29 0:00:00
  3. 151 SEVILLA Oscar GOB ESP 4:39:29 0:00:00
  4. 1 LEIPHEIMER Levi RSH USA 4:39:29 0:00:00
  5. 4 BRAJKOVIC Janez RSH SLO 4:39:29 0:00:00
  6. 101 VOSS Paul EDR GER 4:42:04 0:02:35
  7. 81 SUTHERLAND Rory UHC AUS 4:42:04
  8. 112 PINKHAM Chase BPC USA 4:42:04
  9. 56 GORATO Maurizio GEO ITA 4:42:04
  10. 72 DE LUNE Flavio CSM MEX 4:42:04

 Overall Results:
  1. 152 HENAO Sergio GOB COL 4:43:28 0:00:00
  2. 151 SEVILLA Oscar GOB ESP 4:43:35 0:00:07
  3. 1 LEIPHEIMER Levi RSH USA 4:43:41 0:00:13
  4. 131 ANTHONY Jesse KBS USA 4:43:46 0:00:18
  5. 4 BRAJKOVIC Janez RSH SLO 4:43:49 0:00:21
  6. 91 MANCEBO Francisco RCC ESP 4:46:11 0:02:43
  7. 11 VAN GARDEREN Tejay  THR USA 4:46:14 0:02:46
  8. 31 DANIELSON Thomas GRM USA 4:46:16 0:02:48
  9. 33 VANDEVELDE Christian GRM USA 4:46:18 0:02:50
  10. 103 BAUER Jack EDR NZL 4:46:19 0:02:51
  • Overall Leader (yellow) Jersey: HENAO Sergio
  • Sprint (bronze) Jersey: ANTHONY Jesse
  • KOM (polka-dot) Jersey: BERTOGLIATI Rubens
  • Best Young Rider (lt. blue) Jersey: VAN GARDEREN Tejay 
  • Best Utah Rider (dk. blue) Jersey: WREN Tyler
  • Most Agressive Rider (Orange) Jersey: THOMPSON Jay


Zach said...

Just one point: Jesse Anthony is in the bronze sprinter's jersey, not Van Uden.

Bike Junkie said...

Thanks, Zach. I was in a hurry when I pulled the list from the Tour of Utah website, and must have grabbed the wrong name. It has been corrected.