23 August 2011

Tour of Utah: Stage 5 Photos

Like I mentioned last week, I had the awesome opportunity to ride in one of the team cars for the final stage of this year's Tour of Utah.

What an incredible place to view a stage race from! Not only did I have a great view of the race, but I had the race radio right next to me, and the DS of Team Spidertech driving. His insight from his years of pro racing was incredible to listen to.

This wraps up my coverage of the Tour of Utah for this year. I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity once again to follow the race as part of the media, and my thanks go out to everyone who made that possible, especially to you, dear readers.

Enjoy the last of the pictures from the 2011 Tour of Utah...

a little pre-race massage of the legs

my seat for the next several hours.

Steve, in the driver's seat

Chad, catching a few z's

mobile adjustment

loaded up with bottles for the rest of the team

Above 8 pictures: Chad had to deal with one flat on the stage.

My ride for the stage. Caddy wagon, not too bad...

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Kelly Hill said...

mobile adjustment?? seriously, that's a thing? as in, he's hanging out the window, fixing things on the guys bike, as they're RIDING DOWN THE ROAD??? holy crap!! this just keeps getting more and more exciting.