26 September 2011

The Dirty Dash - Mud and Broken Toes

This past weekend was the Dirty Dash.

For those of you not in the know, the Dirty Dash is a 10k (5k optional) trail/obstacle/mud run held at various locations in the west. The objective of this run is to have fun and get as muddy as possible.

This was my second year at this event, and I have to say that the organizers seriously upped their game! There was way more mud and several new obstacles, such as the mud filled trenches that we encountered as soon as we climbed up the starting hill, the "hometown special" which was a series of 6" pipes laid across a mud-filled trench that we had to work our way over, and a 20' cargo net that one had to go over and down. Not content with just adding new obstacles, they improved the existing obstacles with a liberal dosage of mud and ice-cold water from the several snow-making machines (this is a ski resort during the winter seasons) placed along the course.

You may recall that last year, I ended up with a minor fracture in my left ankle - a partial tear of the tendon away from the bone of the ankle from a spill in the "Hog Wallow"- tire obstacle. I guess that the fact that I am going to come out of the Dirty Dash injured is well on its way as a tradition.

This year, I broke my little toe on the left foot. I felt that I landed wrong in the first trench we encountered on the course. I continued on, but definitely favored that foot for the rest of the run. After I showered all of the mud off, I was finally able to get a good look at my toe. I apologize for the picture right now.

Yeah, nasty. And, the bruised section of the toe doesn't look that good either. It only improved (by that I mean the bruise got nastier and bigger) over the weekend. I also ended up with the expected scrapes one would get from wallowing around in the mud.

The biggest tragedy - even worse than a broken toe - was the fact that I lost my sunglasses in the final mud pit. This year, the mud pit at the finish line was divided into two pits. I remembered that I almost lost my glasses last year, so I handed them off to Greg so I could belly-flop into the mud. I retrieved them before the second pit, but ended up loosing them as I slid face-first into the second pit. :-(

My family wasn't able to come up to watch, so I don't have any pictures. Fortunately, one of my teammates' husbands was up there and took a picture of us mid-race.

Our team was the "Minions" from Despicable Me

As soon as pictures are available from Flo-Foto, I'll post them up here.

Once again, I had an absolute blast, and can't wait until next year. I've been told that they are going to attempt to out-do themselves next year!

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Kelly Hill said...

A couple of things.

1. Way to go, knowing your right from your left when describing your owies. Seriously impressed.

2. If you're going to have hairy toes, have hairy toes... but what's this 3 hairs between two toes crap?? Ewwwww. You shave everything else, why not those?

3. Two races + Two lower extremity injuries = No race fo you next year!!

4. This makes it a "few" things instead of a "couple." Keep up.