11 October 2011

Reality Sucks? GMC Sucks!

This ad has appeared recently in college newspapers all over the country.

image originally from the bikeportland.org site

Yes, I know that it is an ad from a car company, and they need to do whatever they can to make their product seem appealing - especially in the current market where the automotive industry is taking a beating - but showing the guy on the bike hiding from the cute girl in the car and implying that his life sucks because he "has" to ride his bike to school is just simply lame.

I wish that I would have been into cycling "back in the day" when I went to college. I remember fondly the frustrations of trying to find a place to park - stalking the students coming out of their classes for the prime spots - then running to class, only to show up late because you wasted too much time trying to get a good spot, and still ended up parking out in the boonies. Plus, let's add a new car payment on top of books, tuition, and all the other expenditures that come with college life.

Reality sucks. Sure, whatever. Give me a bike any day.

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