30 November 2011

Bike Junkie's Annual Christmas Gift List

Window display at my local bike shop, SLC Bicycle Co.

According to Rudolph the red-nosed fixie, it's that time of year, and once again, we delve in to Santa's big bag-o-lovin to pull out some bike-related gift ideas that are sure to please that cyclist in your life.

Lloyd Dobler Cyclocross T-shirt
Are you a fan of 80's movies? Do you remember the scene from Say Anything where Lloyd is "serenading" Diane by holding a boombox over his head? In the Crosshairs has adapted that iconic image to make a truly awesome cycling shirt.


Action Wipes
You love your cyclist, but you don't love smelling them. When you don't have time to shower, or there's no shower available after a hard ride. you simply can't beat Action Wipes. Large, durable, washable, reusable cloth-like wipes that are infused with tea-tree oils, eucalyptus and other plant-derived ingredients. They are great smelling, and make short work of whatever you throw at them.

$1.25 for a single pack, or $25 for a pack of 25.

Timbuk2 Mission Cycling Wallet
Raise of hands, how many of you have sealed your phone in a ziplok baggie before heading out on a ride in hopes of protecting it from possible inclement weather and sweat? And, how many of you throw a credit card and some cash in that baggie for a mid-ride cafe stop? Wouldn't you love something more stylish and durable that would still allow you to use your smartphone?

Timbuk2 has listened to your pleas, and has introduced the Mission Cycling Wallet. A durable ballistic nylon phone case that protects your phone from the elements while allowing you to have full access to your smartphone's touchscreen, and providing separate credit card slots on the back.


Ritte Bosberg
You can't have a gift guide without including at least one bike. This year, the Ritte Bosberg gets the honor. Why? Well, a couple of reasons. For one, I am a fan of the small guys. I like showing up to a race or a ride and seeing that one bike in a sea of Treks, Specializeds, etc...  The other? It's a damn good looking bike. As they say on their site "...one amazing to ride and stunningly handsome machine. It will also make you roughly 240% more attractive and 312% more intimidating."

$2150 for frame/fork/seat topper/headset

Scallywags Coffee Brake Mug
Coffee and cycling go hand in hand. Several coffee shops sponsor cycling teams, many retired pros have their own line of coffees, and in some parts of the world, stopping for a mid-ride espresso is an institution. The Scallywags are a small group of fabricators from Minnesota who have created a perfect way to enjoy your favorite hot beverage* off the bike while still showing your dedication to all things two-wheeled. 

*you probably could drink hot chocolate from it, if you must.


Race Bib Holder
1st Marathon? 1st Ironman? 1st 5k? Do you want a great way to remember that special event? Get a Race Bib Holder. Display that bib with pride, instead of on the fridge with a couple of magnets.

$20 or $25, depending on style. **BONUS** enter the code "kendall" for 10% off your order

On the bike nutrition is important, Bars are convenient to carry in your jersey pocket Why not get a bar that is all natural, vegan, and local (Park City, Utah). ProBars come in several varities and make a great stocking stuffer

$1.59 & up

It's winter, there's (possibly) snow outside, and all of the feasting and treats between Thanksgiving and Christmas have not been kind to your fitness level, not to mention your waistline. It's time to suffer!

This gift is unique. You may hear horrible noises coming from the bowels of your basement while your cyclist is using it, and when they emerge, they will very likely look like they have lost a fight of some type while cursing someone named "David".

This means that they like your gift.

Indoor cycling is terribly boring. The Sufferfest videos remedy that by pairing some challenging interval training  with footage from some of the great pro cycling races, such as the European classics and the grand tours. There is also a healthy dose of encouragement (read: merciless taunting) thrown in.

$11.99 a video, or get all 9 for some extended suffering for $84.99

I do not recommend setting up your BTC (bicycle torture chamber) in your living room. Unless you have a very understanding spouse - or if she is out of town.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!


Ara said...

Awesome post! I've actually asked for a bib holder for Christmas. Is there somewhere local in Utah you can get those wipes? I seriously need some of those.

About Me said...

Ara, our only retailer in Utah for Action Wipes is BYU book store.
However, we're working to get them in more shops. In the meantime, we do offer free shipping in the U.S. And, we have the 25ct pack specially priced now thru 12/25. So check it out: www.actionwipes.com Thanks for asking! ~ Martha