03 November 2011

Do You Have Your "Share the Road" Plates Yet?

Do you have a “Share the Road” plate on your car yet? If so, good for you! If not, there is no time to wait. 24 more people need to order plates now or the program will be discontinued by the DMV.

“This plate benefits the Share the Road initiative as it works to create awareness and safety support systems for bicyclists throughout the state. This plate generates funds for the Department of Transportation in support of this initiative…”
I can attest to the awareness part. Just this last weekend, I was asked by the technician at our local Wal-Mart tire & lube center who the cyclist was in my family. We were there picking up my daughter’s car after getting the oil changed, and he noticed the plate.

But, more important than identifying you as a cyclist, is the funds generated by the plate for the Share the Road initiative. There is a $10 special plate fee and a $25 initial contribution fee when you pick up the plate. Then an annual $25 contribution fee. It’s these fees that fund programs that help make motorists aware of our presence out there on the roads.

You don’t have to wait till your car’s registration is up for renewal, you can go to the DMV at any time and get your plates. Get a set for your car, your spouse’s car and your kid’s car. Tell your friends and extended family. Don’t let the program end.

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Kelly Hill said...

maybe we should get one for the van