01 November 2011

It's the Holiday/Indoor Cycling Season.

Happy November 1st.

Seeing as it was snowing in Salt Lake City earlier today, I could also wish you a Happy Start of Indoor Cycling Season.

Yes, Indoor Cycling Season, that time were all but the most manly and die-hard cyclists retreat to the relative warmth of their basements to furiously turn the pedals, going absolutely nowhere while catching up on past seasons of their favorite shows.

Today (well, yesterday officially) was also the start to the "Holiday Season". That time of the year where food reigns supreme. From candy, to baked goods, to more candy and feasts galore! It seems like it is just one big buffet from October 31st to January 2nd.

What prompts this stating of the obvious? The fact that I need to do something to get me back on the bike, get back in shape and get ready for next year's cycling season.

Yes, back in shape. The last time I touched a bike was when I had the Fezzari under review - over a month ago.

Last year, I posted right after Thanksgiving that I intended on loosing some weight between Thanksgiving and New Year's. This year, I'm starting earlier.

The only problem, I don't know how much I weigh. The batteries in my scale have died, and I haven't wanted to replace them.

Because I seem to work better if I have a list, and clearly defined goals, here you go.
  1. Put some batteries in the scale, and weigh myself. Post that number for all to see (accountability works, right?)
  2. Set the bike up on the trainer downstairs, and actually use it!
  3. You know that weight bench downstairs too? Use it also!
  4. Stop the midnight raids on the fridge.
There you go, Starting now, and going till Monday, January 2nd I am going to strive to get back on the bike, get back in shape, and lose some weight in the process. 

Wish me luck, and if you want to help or join me, misery loves company, right?

Update (11/2):

I fired up the ol' scale this morning and weighed myself. 209 is the magic number.

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