16 February 2012

App of the Day: Bike Shops USA

I posted about an app that locates bike shops for Android based phones about a year ago.

Now it's the iPhone's turn. 

Bike Shops USA is a very straightforward app, based on your GPS location, it will give you a list of shops in your area with their address and phone number. Clicking on a shop will give you a google map with a pin showing your location, and the shop location. You can also search for shops by address or zip. 

Awesome shop! If you are going through Sedona, I highly recommend you check them out!

Pretty basic, and pretty much the same as the other app. Then, I noticed a button on the bottom of the map screen, the one that says report. 

Yes! The major complaint I had for the Android bike shop app was that there was no way to update the database to reflect new or closed shops. Bike Shops USA has a way to contact them to report discrepancies to their database - and they actually respond! I notified them of a shop in my area that closed a couple of years ago, and within 30 minutes I recieved a response thanking me for letting them know, and that they would update their database.

One change I could hope for would be adding a link to the bike shop's websites.

The app is free, and available thru iTunes. This is one app I would highly recommend, especially if you are going to an unfamiliar area to ride.

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