29 February 2012

LifeProof iPhone Case - Update

I do have more product reviews from Outdoor Retailer coming. Promise.

But first, I wanted to give an update on my LifeProof case.

Just the other day, I noticed something on my case.

There was a small tear in the upper right corner of the front cover! No idea how that happened, or why. As soon as I saw the tear, I called the customer service number for LifeProof, and spoke to a very helpful and friendly service rep, Rebecca. She asked me to email the pictures to her, and by the next day (today) I had an email confirming shipment of a replacement front cover.

According to their CEO, Gary (I sent him an email with the pictures also), this is an unusual failure, and not common at all.

This hasn't changed my opinion of the LifeProof case, in fact, it has only improved it. You can have a fantastic product, but if your customer support is lackluster, it will negatively affect people's perception.

p.s. I need to give a shout-out to my good friend, David. He is starting year 7 of his podcast, The FredCast, and his first podcast of the year has an interview from Outdoor Reatiler with the product manager of LifeProof. Chapeau!, David! Here's to many more years of quality podcasting!


ZiLong said...

Since I wrote my LifeProof review I've heard nothing but fantastic descriptions of LifeProof's customer service. I guess in a way that's part of what you are paying for with the case. Anyhow, they seem to be doing something right. I imagine they'll pick up a legion of new devotees after this past week they've spent at SXSW in Austin. Cheers to the nice story! - ZiLong

Unknown said...

I had the same problem, but I was not so successful. I was told too bad and to buy a new case!

I will no longer support this product!