05 March 2012

Spring Cleaning: Your Helmet

Spring is right around the corner, or it has possibly already arrived (it's 60 degrees here today). Time to get your gear ready for the outdoor riding season.

You probably have already taken care of all of the cleaning and re-lubing on your bike, but have you cleaned your helmet?

You sweated in it all last year, and it is probably smelling pretty funky by now.

Easiest way to clean it? Take a shower.

Seriously, take your helmet into the shower with you.

Taken with my iPhone. Don't try this at home, unless you have a LifeProof case!

Get it nice and wet, and give the whole thing - especially the straps and pads a good scrubbing with some soap.

After you get out, dry it off, remove the pads and let it air dry.

There you go! Your helmet is now de-funkified, and ready for another season of riding.


Kelly Hill said...

Shouldn't there have been a NSFW warning, or disclaimer in some way that we'd be viewing PORN?? Geez. I'm going to stop reading now.

Kelly Hill said...

And for proper safety in the shower you should have your helmet a little farther forward on your forehead. Everyone knows this!! I'm disappointed in you.