27 April 2012

Food Friday: PROBAR

There are numerous reasons that PROBAR is one of my favorite bars; they're local (Park City, UT), 100% vegan, certified organic, non-GMO verified, and certainly not least, delicious! Also, they are some incredibly great people (read to the end of the post for proof of that last statement).

Founded by a vegan chef in the late 90's who was looking for a clean, wholesome, all-natural fuel for his his snowboarding and biking habits, PROBAR was created as a whole-food alternative to the highly processed, chemically-laden energy foods that were available back then.

This year, they have released 4 new flavors in their original whole-food meal replacement bar lineup: Double Chocolate, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Superfruit Slam, and Peanut Butter.

New in the fruition line is Chocolate Orange.

Fruition is also now certified gluten-free!

How are the new flavors? Yummy! My favorite from the whole-food bars has to be the Double Chocolate, and the Chocolate Orange fruition bar tastes like those chocolate orange sticks, but without the gummy center. If i'm running late in the morning (like that "never" happens) I'll grab a whole-food bar for lunch, and it will completely satisfy me until I get home.

All of the flavors are available now either online at http://www.theprobar.com/, or in various stores. Look for them at races and events too!

Since you, my dear readers, are such undeniably awesome and attractive people, PROBAR is offering a special one-time discount. enter the code "BLOGGER" at www.theprobar.com/shop, and you'll get %40 off of your first order!

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