03 May 2012

Tales from the Commute

Most of the time – I would say somewhere in the mid to high 90 percentile – my only companion on the morning commute is my imagination. Rare is the crossing of paths with a runner, even rarer is seeing another cyclist out at that unholy hour.

Today I wasn’t alone on my commute. What makes this even more unique is that the other cyclist started from my neighborhood. I turned the corner off of my street and saw him ahead of me decked out in a reflective vest and lights (unlike the last commuter I encountered). As I came up next to him, we exchanged pleasantries. I didn’t recognize him as it was dark, and I didn’t recognize his voice. I didn’t hear any spark of recognition from him, so he must not have known me either. Perhaps a new resident of the neighborhood.

He must have continued on down the main road after I turned off to go to the bus stop, as I didn’t see him after that point. I don’t know where to or how far his commute was. I also wonder if this was a random one-time thing, or if he will become a regular fixture to my morning commute.

1 comment:

Jess said...

Since it's been National Bike Month, I've seen a few new commuters out the last couple of days. I don't normally see to many people when I'm out riding, so I notice them when I do. I hope they all stick with it past the end of May.