30 August 2012

Another Entry for the Bucket List

My bucket list has a few events on it that one day I hope to participate in. The Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon is one such event. Today, I learned of another one.

What makes this event worthy of a spot on the bucket list? The triathlon takes place on central Florida's Space Coast, and the bike course takes place inside the gates of the Kennedy Space Center, around the major landmarks of America's space program!

Biking around some of the historic areas and scenery of the American space era? Yes please! For me this is yet another example of geek worlds colliding. 

Three distances will be offered, Classic+ (sprint), International+ (Olympic), and half Iron. The "+" for the Classic and International is because the bike course will be 34 miles for both to allow for the ride through the Kennedy Space Center. 

Registration for the inaugural race on May 5, 2013 opens on September 1st, and it is almost assured that the 800 spots available for each distance will fill up quickly. 

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