03 August 2012

More from Outdoor Retailer '12

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market has come and gone. I had a great time seeing what was new and upcomming in the outdoor industry, meeting old acquaintances, and finding those cycling-related items to write about. 

So, without further ado, here are some of the things I saw and did on the first day of Outdoor Retailer...

Point 6 uses high-quality compact spun merino yarn to create their socks. New to the line-up this year are some cycling-specific and compression socks. 

Camelbak's big thing for this year is their running line. They are introducing a new run belt with bottles that feature the same valve design that we cyclists have come to know and love from their Podium bottle line. They also have increased the fluid storage capacity of their lumbar vest to 100 oz. 

Green Guru, makers of bags and other items from used tubes, wetsuits, billboard materials, etc... had a bicycle-powered sewing machine at their booth. You pedaled for a minute or so to charge the batteries, and they could sew a small pouch for you. 

of course I had to try it!

Not bike related, but hands down the coolest tent. Ever! From the Monster Factory. (if you're looking for a serious party tent, check out their London Underground tent, a full scale replica of a London tube train!)

Once again, I took advantage of the Park 'n Pedal, and borrowed a bike for a lunchtime ride around town. This year, Dahon was out there along with Electra Bikes with a range of their folding bikes to ride. Since I have never ridden on a folding bike, I decided to give them a try. I took out one of their new  models, the Formula, I found it to be quick and lively, with a very responsive handling that bordered on "squirrelly". It was still fun to ride - especially because of the looks and questions you got. While I was parked at the City Dogs cart, some guy rode up on his BMX, and started asking questions about it. 

Timex took the time to show me their entry into the bike computer line the Cycle Trainer 2.0. The amount of information, and the flexibility you have in how it is displayed is very impressive. Also very impressive is all of this (HR strap included) comes in at $250. Hopefully I'll be able to get a hold of a demo model later this year, so I can provide a more in-depth review of it. 

Keen set up a cool little escape across the street from the Salt Palace called KeenFest. They had live bands, free smoothies and lunch (provided by Lewis Bros. one of the local food trucks), hammoks, a "waterfall" and   tie-dye t-shirts! 

More to come! 

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