29 August 2012

Outdoor Retailer: Cyclelogical

Time to get back to posts about some of the companies and products I saw at Outdoor Retailer.

This one I literally stumbled upon. Their booth was on a back aisle at the far corner of the show floor, and I wouldn't have ever known they were there if I hadn't taken a certain set of stairs to get back down to the main floor.

Cyclelogical is all about bicycle commuting. Their entire line is designed to make it safe and functional to ride your bike to work, the grocery store, surf spot, or wherever your life takes you.

On display in their booth, they had some great cycling-themed t-shirts (you know me and shirts!)

Great designs! They also had some shirts that were printed with reflective inks!

Another item that caught my attention was something they called "Reflective Chopspokes".

Chopspokes are a small (2 in) reflective tube you push on your spokes to increase side visibility when commuting at less than optimal lighting conditions. 

The best thing about them is that they are small, unobtrusive and definitely do not look lame. 

There are 4 Chopspokes on this wheel, can you see them?

Here is a close-up of one of the Chopspokes.

As your wheel spins, they create a large reflective area that will hopefully help cars see you (expect a post/rant about commuting in the dark soon). 

Looking down at my front wheel, it's cool to see this 2" glowing area as I ride in the early morning darkness. 

A pack of 10 Chopspokes will set you back $10. 

I'm very glad I came across Cyclelogical at the Outdoor Retailer Show. Go check them out!

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