15 August 2012

Tour of Utah - Stages 4 and 5

I'm posting pictures from Stages 4 and 5 together for a couple of reasons. 

First, I had to work at the day job on Friday the 10th, and wasn't able to see the stage in person. Thanks to a very dear friend, who I convinced to go out and watch the race as it passed not too far from her house, I have some pictures of stage 4.

Then, on Saturday, my older two kids were coming back from camp, and I had to be home when they got there. So, I wasn't able to see the finish. But, I was able to catch the first KOM, and the feed zone.

Stage 4:

Friday's stage passed within a few miles of my house.

The peleton took to the newly finished Mountain View Corridor on their journey from Utah County to Salt Lake City. Thanks, Valerie, for trudging through the weeds to take some pictures for me!

 Stage 5:

Once again, It was a great race, and I am extremely thankful to the powers-that-be for granting me access and allowing me to take the time to cover the Tour of Utah. 

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