17 September 2012

Interbike: OutDoor Demo Day 1


Yes, I made it. First time!

I drove down from Salt Lake City this morning, and made it to Las Vegas in time to go out to Bootleg Canyon for the OutDoor Demo for a couple of hours.

Since my time was limited today, I didn't take any bikes out for test rides. I just walked around ,drooled and took some pictures.

The scenery on the way down doesn't get more exciting than this.

Scary clown. Fortunately the room isn't decorated like a circus tent. 

Where to start, where to start...

A kid-sized carbon road bike? Awesome!

All carbon wheel. Rim, hub, and spokes. Mad Fiber.

The No-Drip Chain Luber has an applicator pad to control the application of your favorite lube, eliminating mess and over-lubing. 

For better or worse, disk brakes are starting to appear on road bikes. 

Yes, that is a two-wheel drive bicycle. It uses a CV joint to transfer power to the front wheel. I'll have to take it for a ride tomorrow.  

It's hard to tell from these pictures, but ProLogo are introducing a saddle and glove later this year that have non-slip sections. More info to come...

Chris King anodized goodness!

And, disk brakes on cross bikes.

Cool Blue Man Group bus wrap I saw on the way back to the hotel.

OutDoor Demo contiunes tomorrow. Stay tuned for more!


Kelly Hill said...

Over-lubing is the WORST!!

Unknown said...

from where can i get the cv joint you used in two wheel drive bicycle