19 December 2012

Make your Bike Sound Like a Horse

There are so many great lines in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", but this one is one of my favorites.

Today on Facebook, I saw a contraption that can make your bike sound like a horse. And guess what? It uses two halves of a coconut that you bang together!

Instead of using a bell to let pedestrians and others know you are coming up behind them, now you can sound like a trotting horse.

At first this seems like one of those WTH? kind of ideas, but after a while it seems strangely cool, and it is sure to turn heads, especially in an area that you normally wouldn't find a horse.

Availible from Trotify, it will cost you £19.99 + p&p (about $32). Add £3 for coconuts (remember, that coconuts are non-migratory, and you may not be able to find them in your area - unless they have been carried there by African swallows).

Something like this would be fun to stick on the cruiser bike, for riding around town. I would love to try this out.

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Kelly Hill said...

Oh my. I wish you had this.