18 January 2013

Open Streets Coming to SLC

Salt Lake City and Bike Utah are partnering to bring Utah it's first Open Streets event event on Saturday, May 4th.

Are you wondering what an open street is? Well, the Open Streets Project temporarily closes a street to automobile traffic, so that people can use it for walking, cycling, playing, dancing, etc... Basically, it's a huge street party that cars aren't invited to. For several hours on May 4th, Broadway Ave (300 S) in SLC will be car-free.

The concept started in Bogota, Columbia in 1976 where on each Sunday and holidays certain main streets are closed for several hours to auto traffic for the use of pedestrians. These weekly "ciclovias" are used by approximately 2 million people.

Here in the US of A, there are currently 80+ communities that participate in some form of Open Street event.

If you are interested in learning more, or if you want to help, there is a kick-off on Thursday, Feburary 7th at Squatters Pub from 4 pm to 7 pm.

It sounds like a lot of fun. Let's go do what our parents always told us not to do and play in the street!

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