20 June 2013

Video: How to Ride in the City (are you bike-curious?)

Grist published a short video yesterday on YouTube on how to ride your bike in the city.

For some reason, YouTube isn't letting me imbed it, so you can watch the video here.

It's a good little video that gives some quick pointers for those who are new to commuting. I liked that it mentioned "no spandex (well, it should be Lycra - cyclists do not wear spandex, but let's not be picky) required".

I like the video, it offers some good advice, it's distilled down to the basics: watch the door zone, hand signals, ride with traffic, etc... but it is stuff that beginners don't know.

I do have a couple of problems with it, however...

First off, our intrepid newbie commuter stops off for a "dount break" to recap what she has learned. She rolls up to the donut shop, leans her bike against some tables, and walks in to purchase the donut she will reflect over. All without locking her bike up.

... and your bike is going, going, gone!

I don't care where you live, even here in happy valley, you lock your bike. Unless, of course, you are wanting to help out the struggling bike theivery economy by giving them a freebie. They should have included a lock in the part where they are talking about gearing up.

In my opinion, if you are going to be commuting, a lock is as important as any other piece of your gear.

This next problem is more of the "really?" variety.

Our intrepid newbie commuter, now calm, cool and collected after eating her reflection donut is a pro. She's riding down the road to meet her friends for some lunch.

I can handle this

She heads over to the cafe, does a nifty "bar-spin, jump backwards off the saddle" dismount to impress her friends, and to show how calm, cool and collected she now is.

look at me! I am in no way a stuntman performing this trick!

Personally, I think that they should be more impressed with how she is able to change the type of bike, jacket style, and even her gender in order to pull off that trick.

how did you do it!

Just remember:
cars are big. be aware.
you are small. be careful.
but you can do this. be confident.
And most importantly, this is how the majority of people not on bikes view us:

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