28 September 2013

iPhone App of the Day: Sidekick Cycle

Normally, I wouldn't review a bike game for one of my App of the Day posts. Mainly because they are all the same: A side scrolling environment with simplistic controls, such as tap the screen to jump etc... Definitely not worth the effort.

Sidekick Cycle is all of the above, but it does have a difference that makes it worthy of a few lines of text here. Half of the proceeds of the game ($.99 from iTunes store, plus any in-game purchases you make) help to provide a bicycle to people in poor regions of Africa.

Through a partnership with World Bicycle Relief, For every 387 games that are sold, one bike is given to someone who needs it.

The game mirrors the real-world objective by depicting your cyclist avatar riding through an African-type of environment. The game also keeps you updated on how many bikes have been provided.

The game is made by Global Gaming Initiative. Sidekick Cycle is their first game. Expect to see more games tied to charitable organizations from them in the future.

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