29 May 2014

Product Review: Allett - The World's Thinnest Wallet

Hi, let me re-introduce myself, my name is Ima Slacker, and I haven't been posting very much recently...

I am in the process of trying to remedy that.

Might as well jump back in with a product review.

This product isn't necessarily a "cycling product", but as I have found with commuting, It doesn't alwways have to be a cycling specific product to be indespensible when riding.

This is the normal stack of cards that I have in my wallet.

15-16 credit cards, ID's, business cards, bus pass, and what have you. It's not as bad as it could be...
But still a good size stack to place under your right cheek.
At Outdoor Retailer this past January, I had the chance to talk to Bridget with Allett, and she gave me one of their wallets to review.

You may wonder what a wallet has to do with cycling, well, where else are you going to keep your Bike Share card?

Since the majority of my daily cycling is done for commuting reasons, and since it is usually under 15 miles in distance, I ride in my "civvies", and therefore have a wallet in my back pocket.  I've appreciated the thinness of the Allett, it's comfortable, and it stays put in my back pocket. It also doesn't produce the uncomfortable to sit on "lump" as other wallets. It is also easily carried in the front pocket - as I did while we were on vacation in Europe back in March.

The original nylon wallet retails for $19.95. They also have leather, ecothin, RFID-proof and women's wallets.
The same cards as shown above are in here.
no cash in here...
Go check them out at www.all-ett.com

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