10 October 2014

Food Friday: Justin's Nut Butters

What do you look for in on-the-bike food?
Well, for starters, it has to be portable, It also should provide some nutrition and energy, and it should taste good - not only at mile 10, but at mile 100. 
Justin's nut butters cover all the bases. 
Developed in 2004 by mountain biker and skier Justin Gold in his kitchen armed with a simple food processor. He developed a line of nut butters that used simple, all-natural ingredients and avoided many of the high-processed ingredients found in similar products available.
Plus, they just taste great!
My favorite is the chocolate hazelnut butter.  It's like a better, healthier version of that popular Italian hazelnut spread that doesn't have any dairy in it (yep, it is vegan!). Really, all of them are fantastic!
You can find single serving squeeze packs - which fit nicely into a jersey pocket - in almost every grocery store (I've seen them at the local Wal*Mart). Each 1.15oz packet provides about 190 calories, and 4-6 grams of protein.

Think of that popular European hazelnut spread, but with 50% less sugar, no skim milk, and in my opinion, better tasting.  Yes kids, this is vegan!

Who's hungry?

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