13 February 2015

T-Shirt of the Day

Today's post isn't about a t-shirt you can buy, rather it is a story about what happened today to me at "The job which pays the bills so I can pretend to be a bike blogger".

Apparently my reputation as a bike nerd has spread around the office. I'm sure that me being the only one on my floor who commutes by bike has helped fan those rumors, but I digress.  This morning, I get to my desk only to find a pile of t-shirts on it. 

The shirts, a couple of event shirts from 2000 (is 2000 far enough in the past to label them as "vintage" yet?): Utah's Best Dam Bike Tour - MS150, The Little Red Riding Hood (a women's only century) and a club shirt - which had a unique feature that I haven't see on a cotton shirt before (see below)...

Yes, this shirt has rear pockets, just like your favorite jersey.  

No idea who left this gift for me, my pod-mate said they weren't here when he left last night, and no one has come forward.  

To whoever it is, thank you!

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