12 March 2015

A Follow Up to My Last Post

Yesterday, I talked about leaving bike locks behind at work, subsequently forgetting it there, and causing problems for the rest of us.

This morning made me grateful that I carry my lock with me.

I slept thru my alarm, and woke up late.

This is not why I am grateful, but it contributed to today's reason.

I wasn't so late that I had to forgo my ride and "gasp" drive to work, but I didn't have time to eat a healthy, nutritious breakfast and make a lunch. My daily commute takes me past a particular bagel shop that has the best bagels in the greater Salt Lake area, if not all of Utah. (They also have bialys, which are just awesome!). I would go on about the bagels, but this is bike-junkie, not bagel-junkie.

So, my commute takes me past The Bagel Project, and they just so happen to open at 6:30, not too long before I usually go past that intersection. I haven't stopped before, this morning, I decided to.

If I wouldn't have had my lock with me, I wouldn't have stopped. The downside of carrying your lock is the added weight. The benefits are you can make impromptu stops.

I said that I was done talking about the bagels? Well, I was wrong. Their bagels are amazing, and even more so hot out of the oven! Sometimes oversleeping has its benefits!

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