06 January 2016

You Need a New Bike Poster

Happy Freakin' New Year!!!

Yeah, I'm faking the excitement. Sorry. I know you expect more from me, but I can't help but phoning it in right now. Still recovering. Trying to find the motivation to ride indoors. Wanting to commute, but scared of breaking myself more due to ice, inattentive drivers, etc...

I could go on, but reading about me whining is not why all four of you read my blog.

The real reason you are reading this has to do with an email I recieved earlier today.

My Outdoor Alphabet has a poster available on their site which will answer that age-old question, do you need a new bike? This poster would be invaluable for convincing that stubborn significant other (love you, babe! I'm not talking about you, I'm referring to other peoples stubborn significant others) that you really do need a new bike.

Not my desk, It would never be that clean.

This poster by Bozeman, MT based illustrator Seth Neilson humorously explains that no matter how many bikes you have, or the condition of said bicycles, you ultimately do need a new bike. 

Aside from making your workshop look a bit sharper, this poster also helps others. All of the proceeds from this poster go to support the Afghan Women's Cycling Team.

So, for a measly $20, you get a quality poster, and the knowledge that you are helping a group of hard-core women.

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