06 July 2016

Checking Back In: Bike Shops USA App for the iPhone

Apps come and apps go,

I first wrote about the Bike Shops USA app for the iPhone over four years ago, and it is still one that I still keep on my phone, and use on a regular basis. 

The features are the same - they still don't have the websites for the shops listed - but what it does it still does admirably. 

And one of the things that still works is the report button. 

I just returned from a vacation in the nice little seaside community of Brookings, Oregon. To my knowledge (which included looking on the afore mentioned app, and checking RideOregonRide.com), there were no bike shops within 2 hours of Brookings. One evening, we went to eat at Superfly (I highly recommend this place, stellar food!), and across the street I noticed... a bike shop! Well, more of a catch-all sporting goods store, but they do have a full bike shop complete with bike mechanic. 

Thanks to the fact that they still update the database, Escape Hatch Sports is now listed on the app.

The app is still free, and it is so worth it! 

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