12 July 2017

Welcome Back to the Rant of the Day

Sorry, I'm still here. It may feel like I have abandoned you like a puppy in a cardboard box in front of the 7-Eleven, but rest assured I haven't gone away.

Anyway, not to make up excuses, I just needed a break to re-focus, which turned into several months of  "Yeah, I need to write on the blog, but this television show is so interesting..."

Again, sorry.

Yesterday, I had an appointment with my dentist for the semi-annual cleaning and x-ray of the pearly whites (sorry if this peek into the excitement of my day to day life makes you a little uncomfortable, I promise it is somewhat relevant to today's post, and to keep the jealousy down, I'll try to keep these little peeks behind the curtain to a minimum. I do want to add that I am cavity free.) As I was waiting, I picked up a magazine to read. Between People and Sunset, I chose the latter. Whilst thumbing thru articles about planting the ideal garden, and how to renovate that old barn into a super cute bungalow, I came across this, and simply had to discect it.

"because I saw a necessary product that nobody else was making", the article states. 

I'm sure that her helmet is a fine helmet, but a statement like that is ludicrous. That's like the local greasy spoon saying that they have the "World's best cup of coffee", or saying that the best lobster roll in Maine is actually from Utah. (okay, scratch that last one.)

There are literally dozens of companies who make commuter helmets, and several of them make helmets inspired by motorcycle helmets. One company that springs to mind is Nutcase, who has a helmet that looks like it was inspired by Evel Knevil. It also has vent holes - something I notice a distinct lack of in the above pictured helmet. 

"a line of stylish protective headgear that people would actually want to wear."

No one wants to wear a helmet. Even the most comfortable helmet is uncomfortable. They're bulky and hot. It's much more enjoyable to ride with your hair flowing in the breeze, but in the name of safety - real or perceived - most of us put a Styrofoam box on our skulls. 

"Experts told me there was no market for what I was doing,"

Yes, because as I said before, there are literally dozens of companies making helmets. 

Again, I'm sure her helmet will work just as well as any other helmet at protecting your head, and I applaud her on a successful Kickstarter campaign, but lay off the boasting and misleading statements, we get enough of that from the Office of the President. 

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